During office hours all emergency patients will be immediately assesed by one of our trained staff and a treatment plan will be outlined.

Please call the office whenever an emergency arises and we will best advise you of the ideal treatment procedure.

If your emergency takes place during our off hours please feel free to contact one of the care centers below:

Animal Emergency Resources


New England Animal Medical Center
595 West Center St
West Bridgewater, MA
(508) 584 - 1600 (Non-Emergency)
(508) 580 - 2515 (Emergency)

Foxborough Animal Control

Sue Thibedeau

Foxborough Town Hall

40 South St.Foxborough, MA 02035

(508) 384 - 2423

(508) 543 - 4343 (Emergency)


Our veterinarians, assisted by dedicated surgical technicians, perform surgeries with the use of current anesthetic techniques. We also offer spay and neuter services as well as dental surgery.

Procedures Performed

Spay and Neuter

Soft Tissue Surgery

Abdominal Surgery

Tumor and Growth Removals


Eye and Ear Surgery


Performed under General Anesthesia

Routine Ultrasonic Cleaning and Polishing

Tooth Extractions with Surgical Flaps

Oral Tumor Removals

Dental Radiographs

Preventative care


Annual and Biannual Physicals are essential in detecting and preventing minor and major ailments and diseases.

At Foxboro Animal Hospital, we tailor your wellness exam to the needs of your individual pet. 

During this exam, we discuss important preventative maintenance such as vaccinations for common dog and cat afflictions as well as heartworm, flea, and tick control, as well as many others, again tailored to the needs of your pet.


Most sick patient appointments are scheduled when unexpected health concerns arise in your pet. We realize many health issues are unplanned which is why we offer same day sick appointments.

At Foxboro Animal Hospital, our staff understand the stress and worry when concerning symptoms arise in your companion, and we work with you to provide the best care possible. A thorough history of your pet's condition and symptoms is very helpful in coordinating a treatment plan specific for your companion, so please call us as soon as symptoms arise and have observations and history readily available.

We have state of the art diagnostics on site for fast reliable information to assess your pet, including on-site Radiology and Laboratory.


Foxboro Animal Hospital has modern radiology equipment on the premises including digital

X-Ray and Ultrasound. Our 2016 state-of-the-art equipment allows us to produce high quality images. Just as in humans, these tests provide detailed internal imaging of your pet to diagnose a condition or to assist in treatment.

Services Available


X-Rays (Radiographs)